Tattoo FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattooing

At Tribal Body Art we want you to get the best out of your tattoo, so here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions in our Tattoo FAQ.

  • Tattoos are by appointment only, though we can offer walk in’s if we have the time.
  • You must be 18 or over and be able to prove it.
  • Appointments can be made by phone and email.
  • We will require a non-refundable deposit by cash, card or Paypal.
  • We work from your ideas so the more images you can show us the better.
  • You can also bring in your own finished design which may need to be modified.

Does it hurt?

Well, to be honest, yes it does! It is being done with needles after all, but it really doesn’t feel all that bad and after the first few minutes, the body’s natural endorphins kick in and you do get used to it. It is irritating rather than agonizing, like a hot/cold buzzing feeling.

Can I use numbing cream?

Yes, you can, but you should always consult with your tattoo artist first. Some numbing creams can affect how well the ink settles in your skin and it is not always necessary.

Where shall I have it?

Consider your lifestyle, wardrobe etc. Whether you want to hide or show it. Consider the size of the tattoo in relation to placement.

Consideration should also be given to the longevity of the tattoo; therefore areas such as the palms of the hands, inside of the lip, soles of the feet are not advisable. We want your tattoo to look good in five or more year’s time and tattooing in areas where there will be rapid degradation of the tattoo is not recommended.

How do I get a tattoo cover up?

Book a consultation: first and foremost. Find some images you like and we can look at their suitability or we can design something especially for you.

Points to consider:

  • The new design may have to be bigger than the original.
  • It might have to be tattooed in a darker ink to cover the original – if the tattoo is very dark, then only black ink will cover it.
  • Be aware that you may not have as much choice in designs as you would have if it were virgin skin – we will always endeavour to make it look like an original tattoo, rather than a cover up.
  • Always take on board the tattooists suggestions.
  • We can also re-work or revitalise old tattoos.

How much will my tattoo cost?

This will depend on size, detail, work involved etc. Our tattoo prices start at £60 and go up from there. Our hourly rate is £90 an hour. If you would like a quote please get in touch.

What about ageing?

It will get older, as will you. Some ageing is inevitable but you can do things to help, such as:

  • If you are heading somewhere sunny, always use a sun block of SPF30 or higher over the tattoo to help prevent sun damage and fading. Preferably one that is formulated for tattoos. The same advice also applies to sun beds though we discourage their use.
  • Regularly moisturising the skin is recommended – if your skin is in good condition, then your tattoo will look better for it and drink plenty of water!

If after all this you feel that your tattoo looks a little faded it may be possible to revitalise it.

How do I heal my tattoo?

We will email an aftercare sheet to you explaining everything, as well as verbal aftercare instructions post appointment. We will apply a dressing on the tattoo before you leave the studio.

  • Wash the tattoo gently with warm running water and a mild fragrance free soap and gently pat dry the tattoo
  • Apply one of our recommended aftercare products as directed by your artist (usually 2 or 3 times a day).
  • Do not use Vaseline or similar products that leave the skin greasy. Your skin needs to breath to heal.
  • Wash the tattoo daily until healed.
  • Most importantly DO NOT pick or scratch the scab off as this can leave white gaps in the tattoo where the ink has come out and cause infection.
  • You must avoid swimming/sun beds/saunas while the tattoo is healing.
  • Try to ensure sure clothes do not rub or irritate the tattoo and avoid tight restrictive clothing.

Always call us about anything that you are unsure about.