Our Tattoo Artists

Fae “Trash and Bone”

Introducing Fae “Trash and Bone”. A visionary artist with an inherent knack for infusing emotions into ink. Fae has perfected the art of black and grey fine line tattoos. Her elegant style using intricate details features insects, flowers and other organic subjects. Fae also has a dedicated fan base who are inked with one of her signature “burnt match” designs. See more of her on Instagram:@trashandbone_

Ian Campbell

Welcome to Ian’s realm of dark beauty and intricate storytelling, guided by the hands of a tattoo specialist. With a passion for all things Gothic he has honed his skills to create tattoos that embody the essence of this mesmerizing aesthetic. At Tribal Body Art we invite you to step into Ian’s world of Gothic tattoos, where every piece is a masterpiece of shadows and light. See more of his work on Instagram: @nothinginc