Tattoo & Body Piercing Questions

Tattoo FAQs

Tattoos are by appointment only.  You must be 18 or over and be able to prove it.  Appointments can only be made in person and we require a cash deposit. You can bring in your own design or we can design something for you. This is done on a free consultation basis by appointment only.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattooing

Does it hurt?

Well, to be honest, yes it does! It is being done with needles after all. But it really doesn’t feel all that bad and after the first few minutes, the body’s natural endorphins kick in and you do get used to it. It is irritating rather than agonizing, like a hot/cold buzzing feeling. Unless you have lived a life without hurting yourself in any way, then chances are you have felt a lot worse. And consider this-it is a bit of discomfort, for a lifetime’s pleasure.

Where shall I have it?

Wherever you want to (within reason), as you are the one who will be wearing it! We can advice though. Just consider your lifestyle, wardrobe etc. Whether you want to hide or show it. Consider the size of the tattoo in relation to placement.

Consideration should also be given to the longevity of the tattoo; therefore areas such as the palms of the hands, inside of the lip, soles of the feet are not shop policy. We want your tattoo to look good in five or more year’s time and tattooing in areas where there will be rapid degradation of the tattoo is not recommended.

Where is the most painful part of the body to get tattooed?

This varies person to person. It is urban myth however that bony areas tend to be more painful and more fleshy areas tend to be easier. The sensation is down to nerve endings, not your body mass index. Everyone tends to have different areas of the body where they are sensitive. Never let any of this compromise where you have your tattoo. Always get it exactly where you want as you are wearing it for life. The least painful place is always on someone else!

How do I get a tattoo cover up?

Book a consultation: first and foremost. Look through our books for tattoos that you like the look of (or bring any pictures of your own). Find some image you like and we can look at its suitability or we can design something up especially for you.

Points to consider:

  • The new design will have to be bigger than the original
  • It will have to be done in a darker ink to cover the original – if the tattoo is very dark, then only black ink will cover it
  • A lot of detail may be required to cover the original tattoo
  • Accept that you may not have as much choice in designs as you would have if it were virgin skin – we will always endeavour to make it look like an original tattoo, rather than a up
  • Always take on board the tattooists suggestions. If there really is nothing that we can do, then maybe Laser Tattoo Removal treatment might be an option

How much will my tattoo cost?

This will depend on size, detail, work involved etc. Attitude can make a difference too – rudeness won’t guarantee a cheaper piece! Our pieces start at £40 and go up from there. Bigger pieces are sometimes done by time as they are done over several sessions. These sessions run at £80 an hour. Smaller tattoos are not necessarily cheaper because reducing size can make the detail more difficult to work with.

NEVER go to someone just because they are cheap. It is the quality of the artist that should make your decision for you, not what they charge. This is an investment for life.  How many other things in life do you pay that amount for and then get a lifetime’s pleasure?! People will spend huge amounts of money on alcohol in one evening sometimes and only get a hangover for their troubles but then begrudge spending money on getting their tattoo done properly! If it costs more than first imagined, then simply save up for it. It will be worth it.

One tip – never haggle. We are not a bazaar!

What about ageing?

It will get older, as will you. Some ageing is inevitable but you can do things to help, such as:

  • If you are heading somewhere sunny, always use sun block over the tattoo to help prevent sun damage and fading
  • Avoid sun beds at all costs as the damage that they do to tattoos is incredible. If you must go on sun beds, put sun block on the tattoo
  • Regular moisturising of the skin is good – if your skin is in good condition, then your tattoo will look better for it
  • Same goes for good diet

If after all this you feel that your tattoo looks a little faded, it is very easy to tattoo some fresh ink into it to brighten it up.

How do I heal my tattoo?

We will give a care sheet to go away with explaining everything and we put a dressing on the tattoo that you must remove between two and twenty four hours after.

  • Wash the tattoo with warm, soapy water and gently dry the tattoo
  • Apply Bepanthen two or three times a day (this is the most effective after-care cream for a tattoo we’ve come across)
  • Any problems occur, such as an allergy reaction to the lanolin, then the next best cream to use is Bach Rescue Remedy
  • DO NOT use Vaseline, regardless of what the expert in the pub says!
  • Wash the tattoo daily
  • Most importantly DO NOT pick or scratch the scab off as this can leave white gaps in the tattoo where the ink has come out – if this does occur, then come back and see us after a month and will add the extra ink free of charge, as we guarantee all our tattoos
  • Avoid swimming/sun beds/saunas while the tattoo is healing
  • Always make sure clothes do not rub or irritate the tattoo

Always call us about anything that you are unsure about.

Body Piercing FAQs

Piercings are done on a walk-in basis. If you are 16 or over we can pierce you, but you will need photographic ID. If you are 14/15 we can pierce you but you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Frequently asked questions about body piercing and dermal implants

Does it hurt?

With any process that breaks the skin you will feel some sensation, some people cope with this better than others. Your body will cope better if you are more relaxed (try not to think about it too much). Make sure you have eaten before you come in. You need energy to cope with the adrenaline that your body will produce. Hangovers and comedowns are not the best physical states to be in when getting pierced, nor is being stoned. If you are drunk we will not pierce you as alcohol thins the blood and inhibits clotting.

Is it safe?

As long as piercings are carried out in hygienic conditions by people who know what they are doing and using appropriate jewellery, then yes. There are some places on the body we will not pierce as they could be very problematic, such as the web of skin between the thumb and fingers, or the clitoris (we only pierce the hood of skin over the clitoris).

Are you registered?

We are licensed with the City of Edinburgh environmental health department, and are subject to yearly inspections.

Where is the most painful place to be pierced?

Opinion varies from person to person, again it seems to more a case of some people cope better than others. We do use freeze sprays or topical anaesthetics such as EMLA cream or xylocaine where appropriate to dull the sensation.

How do I look after a new piercing?

We will give you written aftercare instructions after each piercing, we recommend using a ready made saline solution or warm salt water which you can mix yourself (small tea spoon of salt to one cup of water) or dilute tea tree oil (one part oil to seven parts water).

Do not use antiseptics unless there is an infection as this slows down the healing process. There are other branded healing agents on the market, but as some of these are new we cannot be certain how effective they are. Any feedback from you about those you may have tried would be appreciated, e-mail

Will it get infected?

We do everything possible to avoid cross contamination. When you leave the shop with your new piercing it is up to you to follow the aftercare instructions and keep the piercing clean.

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